Reset, Restore & Create Resilience to Stress

Trauma is caused by the failure of the body and nervous system to process events. At the Escape Center, we aim to treat survivors of sex trafficking, who suffer from symptoms of trauma and other forms of dysregulation in the nervous system. During sessions, participants are not required to re-tell or re-live the traumatic event. Instead, it offers the opportunity to engage, complete, and resolve in a slow and supported way, as opposed to the body’s instinctive response to fight, flight or freeze. This resets the nervous system, restores balance, and creates a resilience to stress.

Significant overwhelming events at anytime in one’s life, such as exposure to sex trafficking and violence, can result in changes in the nervous system that negatively impact the way a person feels and relates to others. Dysregulation is the inability to modulate emotional and behavioral responses, as a result of developmental derailments or shock trauma, which manifests in many disorders including post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and mood disorders, phobias, and personality disorders. Because Self Regulation Therapy is a non-cathartic approach, survivors can expect to feel a sense of control and a general sense of wellness after just a few sessions.


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